How to make more than $300 from Publish0x

 How to make more than $300 from Publish0x

Do you want to earn digital currencies for free? By explaining the Publish0x website, you will learn how to profit from the Internet daily, register on Publish0x, and ways to earn money from the site.

Publish0x is one of the best honest online earning sites that provides earning of encrypted digital currencies by reading or writing articles. Through it you can do the following:

  • Earn digital currencies just by reading some articles and rewarding the article writer.
  • Earn cryptocurrencies and profit from writing articles by receiving rewards from readers.
  • Profit from referral.

In both cases, whether you are a reader or a writer, you will earn digital currencies from the Publish0x website.

Note: publishOx is an honest website for earning digital currencies to this day. I tried it and withdrew from it via the MetaMask wallet . I will put proof of withdrawal inside the article.

What is Publish0x

How to make more than $300 from Publish0x

Publish0x is a cryptocurrency blogging platform that pays you in cryptocurrency to write and read articles.

It's easy to make money easily from this site, either by writing good quality articles about cryptocurrencies , or by reading other writers' articles and rewarding them. The writer's reward is done through the site, you do not pay anything. Only you determine the reward percentage.

They have a lifetime referral earning program for all referred users, and a monthly referral contest allows you to win cash prizes by referring active users.

Publish0x is a great place to learn about cryptocurrencies, where you can find the best articles by many of the top influencers in the Crypto field.

If you have good writing skills and can write interesting articles, you can earn more than $400 per month.

Register on the Publish0x website

First, you must register on the Publish0x website for free by clicking on:

Sign Up & Earn Crypto

You can create an account using Facebook, Twitter, or your email address.

How to make more than $300 from Publish0x

You will be redirected to the registration page where you have to enter your username, email address, choose an avatar and give a brief description about yourself. Then a message will be sent to your email to activate the account.

You must click on the account activation link through the email. After completing account activation, you will be redirected to your dashboard.

Through the dashboard, you can know the digital currencies you have earned, how to profit from referrals, methods of withdrawing money, and track all cryptocurrencies.

Earn digital currencies from Publish0x

Publish0x gives you the opportunity to earn digital currencies by writing articles and by reading content.

If you want to make money from writing articles, it will be a little more difficult than making money from watching and reading articles and content.

1. Profit from writing articles

In order to be able to profit from writing articles on the Publish0x website, you must apply first.

Go to your dashboard and click Become an Author. You have a basic form to fill out.

How to make more than $300 from Publish0x

You will need to write an essay about cryptocurrencies to be reviewed. You can review the best sites for making money from writing articles if you are looking for honest sites for making money from writing.

If you are accepted, you will be notified by the site. The application and acceptance process usually takes from one day to a week.

If you are approved, you can start writing articles and publishing them on the Publish0x website. You will receive rewards (cryptocurrencies) from readers. The bonus percentage is determined by the reader.

Readers can give you a maximum of 80% bonus or a minimum of 20%. Most people who read articles on the site usually keep the bulk of the bonus for themselves.

In any case, the publishOx website can be considered one of the easiest ways to profit from writing articles.

2. Profit from reading articles

Once you create an account onPublish0x , you can profit from reading articles immediately and get free Crypto.

Historically, and in terms of site identity, Publish0x has always been a platform geared towards cryptocurrencies and finance. This is why you will see most articles related to cryptocurrencies.

However, you will find many sections on the site that address the following topics:

  • Crypto
  • Music and photography and art
  • entertainment
  • Technology and science
  • the health
  • Culture and society
  • Business and finance

Simply click on the article of your choice and read it. You will see the following at the bottom of the article:

How to make more than $300 from Publish0x

You can choose the reward percentage that will be shared between you and the writer. The default value is 80% for the writer, and 20% for you. You can change it and set the largest percentage for yourself.

Once you click the “TIP” button, the reward will be distributed to both the reader and the article writer.

How to make more than $300 from Publish0x

The article writer's reward comes from Publish0x funds. So don't worry, you won't pay anything. Through your control panel you will be able to see your profits.

You may think that the value of the cryptocurrencies you are earning is not high when you compare their value to the dollar, but you may be missing something. Here we are talking about earning digital currencies whose price may rise at any moment, perhaps after years at the latest.

What if the prices of the digital currencies you won now increased by $10 and became $5,000!

3. Profit from referral

The referral profit program provided by Publish0x is very special. I advise you to join and spread your referral link with the largest number of people, because it will quickly double your digital currency profits.

To join the referral earning program, go to your dashboard and click on Ambassador Program by clicking on your name. You can find your referral link and share it with your friends and on social media platforms.

If someone clicks on your link and joins the site, you will earn 5% of their profits every time they read an article. The referral link will look like this:

What is very special about the publish0x program for earning profits from referrals is the monthly competitions that it holds among the participants in the referral program.

You can sometimes earn $100 in digital currencies as a reward just because you referred a large number of people to the site.

Withdrawal of digital currencies

The questions usually asked by new users, especially beginners in the field of cryptocurrencies are:

  • How to withdraw digital currencies
  • How to sell digital currencies
  • Ways to convert digital currencies into dollars.

In the image below, we show an example and proof of payments from within my account, and how to withdraw from Publish0x to the digital wallet or to the trading platforms.

How to make more than $300 from Publish0x

As you can see, up to this point Publish0x pays via Ampleforth Coin, Farm Coin, Statera, and Fantom.

In the past, the site also paid through Ethereum, BAT Crypto, and LRC.

Publish0x frequently changes cryptocurrency payment methods.

Anyway, there is a minimum withdrawal limit, but once the user reaches the minimum, funds can be withdrawn.

How to make more than $300 from Publish0x

To be able to withdraw digital currencies, you first need to create a digital wallet .

MetaMask wallet is one of the best e-wallets suggested by Publish0x. I explained how to create a MetaMask wallet for free through this article: Explanation of the MetaMask wallet for digital currencies.

You also need to register on the Kucoin platform , one of the best trading platforms as well. Some of the currencies that you will earn, such as AMPL, support the Kucoin platform wallet, and the Publish0x website supports payment through it as well.

Things got a little complicated for you? Don't worry, I will show you below in simple and easy steps how to transfer digital currencies to the MetaMask wallet, later withdraw from MetaMask, and how to transfer digital currencies to trading platforms.

1. Withdrawal from MetaMask

The first step to be able to withdraw from MetaMask is to send cryptocurrencies from the Publish0x website to the MetaMask wallet address.

To do this, from within your account, go to “Settings”, then go to the On-Chain wallets box, and write the MetaMask wallet address.

How to make more than $300 from Publish0x

You must pay attention to something very important here. Although you will enter the electronic wallet address for all digital currencies, if you want to withdraw Statera currency, for example, you must first create an account on the Fantom network from within your wallet account. See the steps here.

A summary of the steps for withdrawing from Publish0x to the MetaMask wallet is:

  • Earn digital currencies .
  • Reaching the minimum.
  • Enter the MetaMask wallet address.
  • Receiving digital currencies, usually every Monday, payment is made.
  • Withdrawing from MetaMask.

2. Transferring digital currencies to the Kucoin platform

How to make more than $300 from Publish0x
The second way to withdraw from the Publish0x website is through digital currency trading platforms. Publish0x supports the Kucoin platform.

From within your account settings, choose Kucoin Wallet and enter your User ID on the Kucoin website.

The UID usually consists of 9 numbers, and can be obtained after registering on Kucoin .

You can watch the following video explaining the Publish0x website and how to obtain the UID from the Kucoin platform.

Pros and cons of Publish0X

After completing the explanation of Publish0x, it is necessary to know the pros and cons of the site before joining.

Advantages of Publish0x website

  • Registering with publish0x is free.
  • Payment in cryptocurrency.
  • You can profit from writing articles and reading content.
  • They offer advice and support to both reader and writer.

Cons of Publish0x

  • Most of the time, the article reader keeps the largest percentage of the reward for himself, not the article writer.
  • When earning digital currencies, there is no way to redeem the currencies if your e-wallet address was entered incorrectly. Make sure you write it correctly, follow the instructions, and double-check it. The wallet address can be modified before the payment date.
  • There is no option to choose which cryptocurrency you want to earn.

Comparison between Publish0x and Steemit

First, through theSteemit website, you can profit from writing articles only. You get paid when the reader votes, likes, or interacts with the article.

Steemit pays through Steem, while Publish0x offers a variety of the most promising digital currencies.

Also, when reading an article on Steemit, you cannot determine the reward percentage for the writer, while the Publish0x website provides you with the possibility of sharing digital currency profits between you and the article’s writer, and you are the one who determines the profit percentage.

In conclusion, the two sites have almost the same idea that encourages writing, blogging, and giving rewards, and each site has its advantages, disadvantages, and users.

If you want to earn free digital currencies just by writing articles, you can use Steemit .

If you want to earn digital currencies from writing and reading immediately, register on the PublishOx website .


After a comprehensive review and explanation of the Publish0x website, it can be said that it is an honest website for making money online, and it pays you via digital currencies in exchange for writing articles, reading, or referring.

Readers can earn money from reading the content even if they do not like it, but if the article writer wants to earn money, it depends on the percentage of readers’ rewards to him.

If you are looking for a source of side income, you can try Publish0x because it is an honest site for making money, and it pays you to read content and profit from writing articles


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