Get Fit and Earn Rewards with Sweatcoin: The App That Pays You to Walk


Get Fit and Earn Rewards with Sweatcoin: The App That Pays You to Walk 

The Sweet Coin application to profit from walking, which took a great sensation and made people search for the price of Sweatcoin in dollars, how to withdraw it, and many other things that I will address in this article.


It is often difficult to go out of the house for walks or runs. Fatigue, lack of motivation, weather, and many other factors affect how often you exercise. Sometimes these factors prevent us from exercising completely.


But what if there is an app that pays you for walking? That's what Sweatcoin claims to do, but is it really true.


Is Sweet Queen app to make money walking worth it? To answer this question, let's discuss how it works and whether you can make money from it.


What is Sweet Queen app?

Sweet Queen is a free mobile app available on Android and iOS, tracking the steps you take every day, just like any other sports app.



Sweatcoin connects to the Google Fit or Apple Fit app to record your daily steps, and you can use it while walking, running outside, or while using a treadmill, so it's suitable for any occasion.


But this constant tracking of your steps means that your battery can drain faster. This can be a problem when you're away from home and don't have a portable charger, so it's worth keeping this in mind.


Before downloading Sweatcoin and getting started, it's worth noting that you won't make thousands of dollars when using it of course. The profit from walking or running is great in all respects, but the financial return is not high of course.


However, with each step you take, you earn a fraction of the points called Sweatcoin (like the name of the app).


It takes 1000 steps to earn 1 sweatcoin. If you are particularly active, you can earn a maximum of 5 Sweatcoin per day currently.


The app offers a marketplace to buy products through the points you have earned, and also allows you to donate your points to a fixed list of charities, and also sometimes provides points for Amazon vouchers or PayPal cards.


I know you want to know how to withdraw from the Sweet Coin app for cash in dollars (I'll talk about this below).


Moreover, if you invite a friend through your referral link, you can win five additional sweatcoin for each person who registers through you, and even enter a prize draw to win them.


Although the basic version of the Sweet Queen app is free, you can upgrade to a paid version that costs around $6 per month or $31 per year. Prices may vary sometimes.


Sweatcoin Premium

The Sweatcoin Premium version allows you to earn twice as much as you earn for every step and gives you access to Premium features not found in the free version.


Is Sweet Queen app real?

In short, Sweet Coin is real and honest, and what you gain has value. But the price of one Sweatcoin coin does not come close to the value of the US dollar. At the time of writing this article, one Sweatcoin is worth about $0.010.


The items or services you can purchase within the app will vary based on your geographic location, but you have a range of different options to choose from. For example, you can get beauty products or earphones and jewelry.


If you are looking for a price reduction, you can use the points to get discounts from fitness clubs or online courses.


The Sweet Coin app also offers Amazon coupons and PayPal, allowing you to purchase any productat a low price.



exchange of sweat coins

Additionally, you can use the auction feature of the Bid app to place bids on big-ticket items like gift cards. 

worth hundreds of dollars, smartwatches, and game consoles. This works like a traditional auction, where you bid through your points until you win the product or get your points back if you lose.


But keep in mind that big prizes are usually very expensive. You'll want to make sure you have a large amount of Sweatcoin in your wallet before bidding.


Sweatcoin Coin

But things don't stop here. Sweatcoin launched a digital currency known as SWEAT in September 2022, where more than a million dollars of SWEAT Tokens were sold before it hit the market.


A digital wallet has also been made available to store the SWEAT currency, known as the Sweat Wallet that you can download from the Google Play Store and AppStore.


When you load the Sweat Wallet the Sweatcoins you earned from walking will be converted into SWEAT coin, which can also be bought or sold on several popular cryptocurrency platforms, including Coinbase, Binance, and Kucoin.


So as not to complicate things too much for you, I will simplify it even more my way:


Sweatcoin is an app to profit from walking. You will earn points and not money, this points are called Sweatcoin.

Every 1000 steps equals 1 Sweatcoin.

When you collect a good number of points, you can use them within the app to either buy products and get discounts, or you can use them at auction or you can donate them to charity, or send them to someone else for a cash fee.

Sweet Coin recently introduced its own digital currency SWEAT.

You will be given free of charge as many SWEATCOINS as you have.

To get SWEAT coin, download the digital wallet from Google Play or App Store. The wallet name is SWEAT Wallet.

The price of the SWEAT coin is currently $0.010. The price may change in minutes up or down depending on many factors, as it is a digital currency.

After downloading SWEAT Wallet, you can send the balance you want to supported crypto exchanges such as Kucoin, Binance or Bybit.

How to withdraw money from Sweatcoin

This method of withdrawing money from Sweatcoin is more common and effective, as it allows you to withdraw from the Sweatcoin app with cash and get real money instead of rewards.


First of all, as a reminder, we talked earlier about how you can benefit from Sweet Queen points by purchasing in-app or by bidding on some products or donating points to charity. According to their official website, money cannot be withdrawn from the Sweatcoin app in cash directly.


However, since they now offer a digital currency, you can take advantage of this feature and withdraw cash. To perform this method, you must follow these steps. Beginners may find it a little difficult at first, but I'll try to simplify it as much as possible.


Here's how to withdraw money from Sweatcoin:


1. The first step is to download SWEAT Wallet from Google Play and App Store. Set up the digital wallet according to the instructions.


2. Open a free account at one of the SWEAT-enabled cryptocurrency exchanges such as Kucoin or Bybit.


3. After registering an account, download the Kucoin app on your phone. You can also use the Cocoin platform on the computer instead of the app.


4. Next, log in to your account and click on Assets then Deposite and then look in the search box for SWEAT currency.


Cocoin Platform

5. Make sure NEAR Protocol is selected.


Kucoin Deposit

6. Copy your wallet address. The address is the numbers and letters under the Address field. Click on the small box to copy the address.


Deposit SWEAT

7. Head over to your SWEAT Wallet.


8. Press Transfer and then Send. Then choose SWEAT.


9. Paste the wallet address you copied earlier from the Cocoin app.


10. Choose the number of currencies you want to send, and click Send.


How to withdraw money from Sweatcoin

11. Congratulations, you have sent SWEAT coins to your Cocain account.


In the following title you will learn how to trade and sell Sweet Coins, convert them into dollars and withdraw cash.


Trade and sell Sweet Coin

In previous titles, I learned how to send cryptocurrencies from SWEAT Wallet to the Cocoin platform. Now you will learn how to trade and sell. This step is very important because you need to exchange SWEAT for USDT first before you can withdraw.


To do this, follow these steps:


1. To be able to trade on the Cocoin platform, you first need to convert the cryptocurrencies you want to trade from your Main Account to Trading Account.


2. Press Assests and then Main. Search for the SWEAT currency and select Transfer.


3. Select the number of currencies you want to transfer to your Trading Account and click Confirm.


Withdrawal from Sweet Queen

4. Click on Trade. Make sure you choose SWEAT/USDT, press Sell, select the number of currencies you want to trade and then click Sell SWEAT. See the image below.



5. Now you have a number of USDT, which is considered a stablecoin, equal to $1.


Withdrawal in dollars

After you have sold Sweet Coin or exchanged it for USDT, we come to the last and most important step, which is to withdraw in dollars.


This can be done in two ways:


P2P Trading. This way you can sell USDT and several cryptocurrencies in dollars by displaying them to a long list of buyers within the Cocoin platform. You can filter to search and choose the payment methods you prefer that are provided by buyers. You may find many different payment methods such as Payeer and Perfect Money and sometimes Western Union.


Use another platform like Okcoin or Kraken – I prefer and like this method more because of the ease of converting/selling USDT to real dollars at the push of a button. You can then withdraw funds by adding your bank account information.


1. Log in to Okcoin and open a free account.


2. Choose Assets and then My Assets.


3. Click on Deposit next to USDT.



4. Select the SOL or TRX network because the deposit expenses through these networks are low.


5. Copy the USDT wallet address.


6. Log in to the Kucoin app or platform.


7. Press Assets and then choose Main.


8. Flush the USDT currency and then press Withdraw.


9. Paste the Okcoin wallet link and select the same network you chose earlier when copying the wallet address from the Okcoin website.


10. Select the number you want to withdraw and press Withdraw.


11. Wait a few minutes for the cryptocurrencies to reach your Okcoin account.


12. From the Okcoin website, select Sell. You can access it by clicking on Buy Crypto and then selecting Sell.



13. Select the number of USDT you want to sell or press Sell All to sell all USDTs. Note that USDT is generally equal to the dollar. If you have 1000 USDT, it is almost worth about $1000 permanently because it is a stablecoin.

14. Review and confirm the sale.

15. The amount will be credited in USD within your account. You can access it by clicking on My Assets. You will find a field designated as USD.

16. Click on Withdraw next to the USD slot. Add your bank account information, select the required amount and approve the withdrawal. You will receive funds within two to three days.

Important: When adding your bank account information, choose SWIFT if you live outside the United States. In the Account Number field, enter the IBAN number, not the account number.

You made this mistake on your first withdrawal and entered your Account Number. The bank contacted me to ask me to amend the remittance information and add IBAN, which led to a delay in the arrival of the funds.

This is the process of withdrawing money from Sweet Coin in dollars. You may find it long and tiring, but I have to mention all the information in detail and complete.

Sweatcoin Coin Rate

First of all, when we say the price of the Sweatcoin coin, we mean the price of the SWEAT digital currency of the Sweet Coin application.


The price of Sweatcoin today is approximately $0.010. Cryptocurrency prices are volatile and vary from day to day depending on several factors such as trading volume etc.


Let's now take a look at some of the sweatcoin price predictions and future made as of February 2023.


Price predictions, especially for cryptocurrency are often wrong, making it difficult to judge the value and price of Sweet Coin.


Long-term cryptocurrency price predictions are often made using some algorithms, which means they can change at any moment.


CoinArbitrageBot predicted the price of Sweet Coin and said it could reach $0.02521 sometime this year, while by 2024, it could be worth around $0.050868.


Also, the price of sweatcoin in 2025 may reach $0.0892 and $0.1236 in 2028.


This is the future of Sweetcoins against the dollar according to some analysis.


Final Word

If you decide to profit from Sweetcoin, all you have to do is download the Sweatcoin app on your phone. After installing it, sign up, and that's it. Now once you start moving you can profit from walking. The app will start counting your steps and reward you for your effort in return.


Once you have collected a good amount of Sweatcoins you can use them within the app or withdraw them for cash through the methods that have been explained above in this article.


So, make sure to follow the instructions above and read calmly to learn how to withdraw money from Sweetcoin.

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