The best site to increase the number of subscribers and views on YouTube 2021

 The best site to increase the number of subscribers and views on    YouTube 2021    

 Increase YouTube subscribers

Increasing YouTube subscribers in 2021 has become complicated for many YouTubers because people are watching and not subscribing, and also they have become subscribing to trivial channels. What happens to people, especially those who share the channel link on social sites, is that when they enter the video, they find that it is not possible to subscribe to the channel because the video is opened in the Google Chrome browser, and this causes not to subscribe because it is required to re-register with Gmail.

Increasing YouTube followers and views is the most important thing that the content creator is looking for because, with it, she can achieve the conditions for making a profit in Google Adsense. You must have subscribers in me, the interest of the channel, meaning you must target search engines and also depend on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, forums, blogs, and websites, but

Unfortunately, the content creator suffers from that these sites do not share the link directly from the YouTube application, so we will explain to you how to share the video in a clear way to encourage entry and also help to share the link directly to the channel.

Increase youtube subscribers

Increasing the number of YouTube channel subscribers by 1000 subscribers per day is not easy and you are not deceived by these addresses unless you pay daily expenses in a legitimate way through advertising campaigns or support you by the famous channels, but we in this topic will try what we can to offer you a way among Legitimate ways that you can use to benefit from the Facebook audience and social sites in general, and this process is through a site that shortens the video link and then re-shares it directly in the YouTube application, in addition to the best features that most sites that provide the same service do not have.

Many YouTubers are looking for a way to increase YouTube subscribers for free, they are also looking for a way to increase YouTube views for free, for this you create a Facebook page and build an interactive audience with the same domain you are working on, but you share videos in groups, website, and forums, this method actually works and has Positive, especially if the topic is important, exclusive and popular, but as we mentioned to you, it suffers from one problem, which is that it cannot convert people to the YouTube application.

When you share a video on social sites, for example, 200 people watch the video as if they did not watch it, and they cannot subscribe because the video is transmitted in the Google Chrome browser. To this unfortunate stage, we will offer you a great idea in order to increase YouTube subscribers in a legitimate way and benefit from views and subscriptions.


If you really want the right way to increase YouTube subscribers And watch views in a 100% guaranteed way are through financial support on social sites such as advertising campaigns, which help you reach the video to a large number of people interested in the same field. What most people do.

If you want to search for the right way to make an advertising campaign on Facebook to increase subscribers and views,  There are many talented YouTubers who explain in a professional manner (the easiest and guaranteed way to bring 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours to your YouTube channel and start earning 💵 Facebook ads campaign).

Increase youtube subscribers for free

In order to increase subscribers and benefit from your audience on social sites, you should use the YouTube link redirection site, meaning I want to share the video link on Facebook, but when the link is entered, people watch the video from the browser and cannot subscribe to the channel, But when I use one of the sites to redirect the video to the YouTube application, here I benefit from the subscribers because I do not lose the subscription feature.

◀ Features of the kas4 site: The site features do not offer ads in shortening links, who do not use the redirect in the countdown, fast transfer of the link from social sites on the YouTube application.

First, before you share the video on Facebook, you must log in to the site KAS4.

Second, you will subscribe to the site through Gmail, a very easy process.

Third, on the home page, you will put the video link in the search engine, Paste your URL, and then click on kAS IT.

Fourth, you can see the stats of the link in the Dashboard

In any case, if you want to get free views, you can enter the following site LINK, which gives you 1000 views for free, all you have to do is try it for free.


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