Sites to Make Money Online with URL Shorteners in 2021

 Sites to Make Money Online with URL Shorteners in 2021

Everyone is looking for profit from the Internet through many legitimate ways that last with him in order to raise capital.

There are also many who want to make money through link shortening sites, which are among the best ways for beginners to earn some decent amounts, and we do not tell you that you should rely on them because they are not originally companies such as Google or Facebook whose work lasts without interruption.

For today, in mudawanat alribh’s blog for profit from the Internet, we will present to you two sites among the best sites that I have tried and that have credibility in earning money from the Internet and payment is between three to seven days.

There are two sites to profit from shortening links, which many people rely on, which offer a reasonable profit rate compared to other sites, and they also offer payment between 5 to 10 dollars on the PayPal website, as well as Bitcoin Payoneer and Western Union.

But if you are asking about whether payment is made via unactivated Paypal, I will tell you yes, because he is only interested in a bank platform to send you the money you worked on.

Profit from the Internet has become one of the means that people work on with complete freedom and without restrictions, and this is called free work, for which you specify a specific time and organize your time in it without anyone interfering in your work, and this type of profit via the Internet varies from one work to another based on According to your level and according to the type of field you are working on, meaning the profit from shortening links compared to the profit from AdSense, such as Morocco and the Mashreq...

There are many people who want to profit from the Internet by shortening links because they have not found an alternative yet, but if you know how to bring visits, I guarantee you that you will earn decent amounts, and for this, if you can collect at least 1000 visits per day, your profits will be between 150 And 130 dollars per month, because most of the sites offer in 1000 real visits between 5 to 6 in Arab and small countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, and Tunisia .....

Best URL Shorteners to Earn Money 2020:

1 - The first site I find is one of the best sites for making money by shortening links, and it is this site, which provides a title on the first page and says “Shorten, Share & Earn Money.”

With, the finest URL shortener in the world, you can shorten, share, and trace any link.

Yes, the site makes money by shortening links and re-sharing them on social media platforms, forums, and webpages, and it does so through this electronic bank (Paypal - bitcoin - payeer - Western Union).

$10.00 for PayPal withdrawals

$8.00 for Bitcoin withdrawals

$5.00 for Payeer withdrawals

$3.00 for Airtm withdrawals

$150.00 for Western Union withdrawals

Website link here

2 - The second site has the same features as the first site, but this site is classic in form, which I remember that the site began in 2006, as well as sites with credibility in payment supports (Paypal - bitcoin - Payoneer - Western Union).

What is important is that when it hits $ 5, it pays via Paypal. I do not know how long the payment is delayed, but it is often like the first site between three to seven days.

Website link here

What are the profitable link shortening sites:

Profitable link shortening sites are one of the ways to earn money through small services for Arab youth as a down payment for work, especially those who do not have bank accounts, which are still being studied.

All you have to do to make a profit from these companies is to access a reliable link shortening site, start shortening your favorite links that have better interaction, publish them to get traffic, and then get money.

This work is easy to subscribe to and easy to share the link, but it is not easy to earn money if you do not find traffic, so you should think before you start so that your work does not go in vain, and you should focus on the honest site and the platform from which you will make money.

In short, link shortening companies in general are: specialized companies that work with a specific software system, so that you can enter any link to any site, and get a short link, and by clicking on this short link, you will be directed to the web page of the original link.


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