Profit from smart phone applications (How to earn from applications)

 Profit from smartphone applications (How to earn from applications)

Profit from apps

Profiting from applications is one of the most profitable areas in our time, and the reason is that people use smartphone applications more than computer programs, so that the computer is only for work and not for browsing, so if you are looking for applications to make money from the Internet, you are in the wrong place But if you are looking for ways to profit from applications, you are on the right page.

Profit from applications is the same as profit from websites and YouTube, except for each platform has laws, policies and the type of designs in which it is used, and the ways to profit from these platforms and even the type of profitable companies also differ, so if you are ready to design or buy an application to start profiting from the Internet, you will find all the ways Which are used for profit, as well as what are the conditions and laws, and what are the most profitable contents.

Profit from smartphone applications

Many beginners ask why we should profit from applications, and what are the advantages of applications as an area to earn money? The answer is simply that you who are asking use the smartphone, and all the applications that you use are on the phone, and 99% of people use smartphones and work on various applications, whether educational or game applications ... This indicates that we must work Create appropriate and required applications to profit from the Internet.

I will assure you something that you must know that may motivate you to work in applications, watch the stats of this global company Statista, you will find the revenue of the mobile application store worldwide in 2015, 2016, and 2020, of course, you will notice that the revenues of mobile applications in 2015 were 69.7 billion dollars around The world, and this figure is likely to reach $188.9 billion by 2022.

Secondly, we are website owners. Our visits come from smartphones up to 85% of the visits. Here we understand that you must provide content and a consistent template that is responsive to modern smartphones, and these examples that I shared with you are just to prove to you that profit from applications is the best and most successful if You were good at behaving, and it came to the point that Google Adsense does not accept the approval of monetization except for those who have a responsive website with smartphones.

What is the reason for the success of profit from applications?

1 . Percentage 99% of people use smartphones around the world.

2 . The applications are easier to deal with than websites because it is fast browsing with the provision of many services.

3 . Applications provide you with information in one specialty without searching on websites.

4 . The applications have many services (online purchase, games, sound recording, lighting.

Arithmetic machine.

Videos, photography, social media...) and a very large number of services.

5 . It became a way to send money to banks and other people.

6 . The reason for the success of applications is always mobile with people anywhere in the world.

All of these few reasons that were mentioned are a reason for making a very large number of people turn to the field of profit from applications, and in fact, people achieved very imaginary sums from them, as they were living the lives of the poor until they became competing with the rich through these applications.

Ways to earn from smartphone applications

Profit from applications is often relied upon by the Google Play and Itunes platform, and the reason is that these platforms help in the SEO of applications with the possibility of promoting advertising campaigns, but the most used and most profitable is the Android platform because it has a very large demand for its ease and frequent use in our time.

Profit from applications does not require you to be a professional in designing applications, yes it is better to be a developer to create your own application without paying any amounts, but in the event that you do not know how to design professional applications, you only have to buy them from trusted companies such as and choose the type of service to profit from the application.

1 . Profit from ads

Profit from advertisements is the most used way to profit from applications, and if we ask you, have you ever seen advertisements that appear at the bottom and top and always cover the phone screen, you will say yes this happens whenever I work in applications, this is my noble choice. Google Adsense company.

Profit from ads is via Google Adsense, so if you meet the conditions for monetizing applications, these ads will appear, but there are also other companies to profit from ads, but they have laws almost similar to Adsense, but they differ in terms of payments and some laws.

Profiting from applications is not easy if you do not have traffic, you must promote an application on social sites and also on the Google Play platform, and if you have a site or by publicizing it in YouTube channels, Meaning, it is not possible to profit without downloading the application and installing it on the phone And click on advertisements, but do not think that it is a complicated matter, but the profit, praise be to God, is 100% guaranteed if you do well.

To profit from applications, you must open an account in AdMob, it is a platform only to provide you with profit reports, from which you take the ad code ..., but what you should know that these ads are Adsense ads, and to receive profits from Google Adsense, which pays you every month is AdSense, in other words, if you open an Admob, you have opened an Adsense account.

Question: Is it possible to profit from Apple and Android applications from one platform or not? Yes, if you want to profit from applications, you need to connect them all with the Admob platform, but Apple was previously working with (iAds) and it stopped for special reasons and was transferred to the platform


Profiting from applications requires you to be smart in choosing where to place Adsense ads, the appropriate time for their appearance and what is the appropriate size for profit, so you should study the matter well while avoiding committing violations.

2 . Profit from selling apps

You often know the site, which sells Android applications, this is a wonderful and well-rounded project that has very great credibility because it offers applications that do not have any violation with three conditions, which start from $ 99 and above, of course, if you buy a complete application, often more than 1200 US dollars.

One of the best ways to profit from the Internet is to design applications from A to Z with high quality and with a different idea with shapes and colors and without containing copyright, so if you are a designer, this is the best way to profit from applications.

What do you need to sell apps?

1 . A site with a professional domain.

2 . Be a professional programmer.

3 . New, rare and interesting ideas and innovations.

4 . Promotion of the site on social sites.

5 . Bank account to receive sales money.

3 . Buy a ready-to-earn app

In the first, we mentioned to you that you must sell applications, which is a great way to profit because you are a designer and you will have a large demand from those who want to profit from the Internet, but this time you will be the owner of the application and place Adsense ads on it for profit, this process does not require you to be a professional, designer and programmer, but you just need to come up with a rare and interesting idea to download applications in a big way.

Among the sites that sell ready-made applications are: and

4 . Building an application without programming

There is no doubt that many bloggers want to create a special application for their site with the appearance of even ads, whether ads on the site or ads available in applications.

I will share with you one of the best platforms that help design an application without being a programmer, meaning that it provides you with ready-made templates to start creating an application with the possibility of some changes to design your own ready-made template, of course, these sites have the same service except for each one of the advantages, you, of course, choose the platform The occasion is easy and there are many explanations on YouTube,
Platform: Andromo
Platform: Appypie
Platform: Goodbarber
These platforms will not say free, but they offer you a free opportunity to try the applications, after which you pay them an amount to purchase the application at a very low price.

5 . What is the best way to profit from applications?
Many people when you create an application from A to Z with all the laws, you find it difficult to profit and sometimes the profit is very weak even if the application has been downloaded, and this actually happens to a very large number of people who think that they will profit whenever they create any application, so I will share with you The best applications in terms of profit, and why adjust this type of application.
Applications that need the Internet, are the most profitable applications because you need the Internet, and without the Internet, ads will not appear, for example, you want to download the browser lock application and social sites, in this case, if you want to enter the browser or Facebook you need the Internet, So, the first thing that will appear in front of you is to unlock the screen, accompanied by an advertisement, and many examples of that.
Profit from game applications, children’s games are the most downloaded applications because they belong to the child and to all game lovers, the reason is that the child is curious about the advertisement that appears in front of him, also games offer the opportunity to increase the level or provide gems provided that you watch the video, and thus you are watching the advertisement and he will win.

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