How to profit from Tik Tok 2021 - Win a thousand dollars per month from Tik Tok

 How to profit from Tik Tok 2021 - Win a thousand dollars per month from Tik Tok

6guaranteed ways to profit from Tik Tok 2021

To profit from Tik Tok is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet in our time, and many people around the world have turned to the Tik Tok platform because they want to gain fame through videos and also want to earn money because it has become one of the successful ways to earn thousands of dollars per month if it improves Act, for this, I will share with you the methods available in Tik Tok, from which you can make very large sums.

Many people around the world are looking for ways to profit from the Internet, especially if they are related to social sites. The first social site was YouTube, which had the idea of publishing the video and making a profit from Google Adsense, then Facebook came to profit from videos and the site called Profit From the instant articles, then from the beginning of 2016 the idea of profit from Tik Tok began, which has become very popular with young and old, I know that most of the videos in Tik Tok are immoral, and the reason is that people sell their reputation for fame and money, but we want to present Useful content that benefits the big and the small.

How to earn from Tik Tok 2021

Tik Tok has become the biggest competitor to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram in terms of publishing videos and interactions, and even crowding them in profit from the Internet in many ways, because Tik Tok now has a great reputation among people, not in terms of credibility in payments and credibility in protecting accounts, and also in terms of promoting videos. In addition, it is a reason for the fame of many people for trivial matters, and I do not glorify Tik Tok or praise it because it provides these services, but I only explain to you the credibility and popularity that it has become and you are aware of that.

There are six legitimate ways to profit from Tiktok, and among them are well-known methods that are available to the general public, and there are some methods that are not provided unless you are in a particular country or a specific service, and for this, we will share with you six legitimate ways to profit from Tiktok, which you will earn from Very large sums.

Did you know that the YouTube platform competes with Tik Tok through short videos - YouTube, but YouTube will provide a million dollars to people who achieve very large views of short videos, and this is due to the fact that YouTube competes with a platform

Tiktok because it succeeded in providing short videos.

What will we learn about this topic?

  1. Profit from the live broadcast of Tik Tok.
  2. Earning from videos Tik Tok.
  3. Promotion in the platform Tik Tok.
  4. Profit from referral Tik Tok.
  5. Profit from Tik Tok ads.
  6. The role of the hashtag in Tik Tok.
  7. How do you know your earnings from Tik Tok.
  8. Banks supported by Tik Tok.

1 . Profit from tik tok live broadcast

Many beginners want to profit from the Internet through the live broadcast of the Tik Tok platform, but there are some rules and conditions in order to achieve these profits.

First: You need 1000 followers on Tik Tok.

Second: The viewers must offer you the coins, or we say the points, meaning that their points will be transferred to your bag, which will be converted into money.

As you can see, these are the conditions that you need in order to profit from the live broadcast. The first condition is easy because you will collect 1000 subscribers quickly, but the second condition is somewhat complicated because the points or profits are in the hands of the viewers.

2 . Profit from tik tok videos

Profiting from Tik Tok videos is the same as profiting from YouTube and Facebook videos, but this feature is not available to everyone now, because Tik Tok provided it only to some countries and they benefit from it a lot, but often in the future it will be opened to everyone as long as there is great competition from sites Social.

3 . Promotion on Tik Tok

Promotion is the most common method used by Tik Tok users, and what is meant by promotion means that you want to advertise products, advertise your website, advertise your channel, and anything else, because this platform has a very large number of people around the world who watch videos 24/24, Indeed, as an experience from me, I promoted one of the articles, and it had an interaction, and people came through Tik Tok.

4 . Profit from referring tik tok

The Tik Tok platform provided a great feature, which is profit by promoting the referral link, meaning you promote your link on social sites and websites, and people participate and you win points, which can be converted into money or recharged with credit on the phone, and these points differ from service to service. Which, if combined, achieves $10 per person and is as follows:

- If you subscribe from the invitation code, you will earn 0.155$.

If you watch videos on Tik Tok for 5 days, you win 0.055$.

- If you watch videos on Tik Tok for 10 days, you win 0.111$.

- If you watch videos on Tik Tok for 15 days, you win 0.779$.

- Share the page with friends, you win 300 points.

Posting the video will earn you 1300 points.

5 . Profit from Tik Tok ads

Profiting from Tik Tok ads is a feature that is not available to all countries, or it may be available to some accounts that have a large number of subscribers. Great daily.

How to activate the profit from ads feature: You go to Settings and  Privacy, then Privacy, and then you activate the ads permission, you return Go to settings and privacy, and at the bottom, you will find ads, you enter it and click on the ad experience specialist, and in the end, you click on Join and watch the ad, then ads appear and you click Yes Yes Yes, this is how you profit from ads.

6 . The role of the hashtag in Tik Tok

The hashtag has a very big role in all social sites, but in Tik Tok, its effectiveness was surprising in order for the video to reach a large number of people. On the day with subscribers, that's why you should focus on the hashtag with keywords.

7 . How do you know your earnings from Tik Tok?

Go to your account, then settings and privacy, you will find a balance, and then you will find your balance.

The second method is to withdraw the balance: in order to withdraw the balance, you will find an icon on your page on Tik Tok in golden color, click on it, then you will find that it tells you how many points you have and at the bottom, you will find the withdrawal of money, then you click on the prize draw and choose the bag to which you want to send money Including PayPal.

As for the banks that Tik Tok supports, they are PayPal, credit card, and Cash Plus.

The success of the video is similar to the algorithms of Facebook and YouTube if people prolong the session a lot in the video, it means that the video will be suggested to a very large number of people, so you always have to provide a beautiful motivational video, anyone who watches it is convinced and sits longer.

8 . Earning from affiliate marketing

Profit from commission marketing must be your business account and not a regular account, and there is no requirement to open a business feature in Tik Tok.

Profit through commission marketing in the Tik Tok platform is the most used because it offers a very large fruit, you simply have to put the referral link for the product, whether a referral link on the Amazon platform or on Express or your site and channel link ..., then you make a video to promote For the product or site and explain to them where the link is, in other words, you can earn by promoting videos, products, sites, and applications...

Additional information on the Tiktok platform

The TikTok application is one of the applications that was released by a Chinese company (ByteDance) in 2016, and this application was rated as one of the best applications in Google Play due to its large number of downloads and use in smartphones, and it is considered one of the most powerful social sites in the year 2021 and perhaps the coming years will be Number one, and the number of downloads is more than 850 million.

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