How to earn from YouTube up to more than 7500 dollars per month

 How to earn from YouTube up to more than 7500 dollars per month

The conditions for profit from YouTube we all know from A to Z, which starts from 4000 hours of views and 1000 real subscribers, and also you must not commit a violation, not from the point of view of copyright and forum guidelines, then you must link the channel with Google Adsense and from here it begins in the world Profit from the Internet by publishing videos on the YouTube platform, but there are some ways to profit from YouTube that many people do not know, and even some content creators, and as we mentioned to you in the videos there is profit from Super Chat, profit from affiliation, profit from selling designs, and also Profit from advertising, but there is a service that you can verify from the beginning of $ 50 to $ 7,500 per month.

There is a way to profit from YouTube in 2021 that is not known to Arab countries and perhaps even to European countries often because this new service developed by YouTube to profit from the Internet currently belongs to the American countries, whether the creator of the content and even viewers from the United States and for this, That is why I will talk about it as it is on the YouTube channel with details about the profit service from YouTube Products

YouTube profits reach $ 7500 per month 😱 New feature for profit from YouTube 2021

Profit from YouTube 2021

If you live in the US, you can try out the new tool to showcase products in videos, and as YouTube mentioned in the forum 'We are currently testing this feature with a limited number of eligible content creators featuring products in beauty and electronics ad placements. '

Therefore, if you are currently of this category, you can view products in videos on YouTube, but when will they be added in all countries and what are the conditions and laws to provide for this feature, currently we do not know because it is a new feature and is limited to the United States and in a certain type of specialties.

The advantage of adding products to your videos is one of its conditions to be monetized in Adsense (YouTube Partner Program), and often like all the add-ons provided by YouTube in foreign countries and then announced in Arab countries such as affiliation with Super Chat, so we only have to wait until it is provided In all channels, and for this, I will share with you how this feature appears in YouTube and how to deal with it from A to Z.

Note: YouTube competes with a very large number of social sites such as Tik Tok and Facebook and tries to provide all the advantages that these social sites have on the YouTube platform, including short videos and affiliation, and now YouTube notices that people promote products on its platform and earn large sums Very, for this, YouTube will provide all products to the channels in the future, and thus YouTube will achieve an amount through the affiliate program, often.

How to find feature products for your videos?

1 . When we upload the video in YouTube Studio and it is published publicly, we will enter the video editing code.

2 . To the left of the video, under the card, you will find Products.

3 . A window will appear with you in which there is nothing except the search engine, you will write the type of product that you want to appear in your videos, then you will transfer it to the store as in the picture.

4 . Anyone who entered to watch your video will find on the left of the screen at the bottom the word view products, click on it and all the products you have placed will appear to him.

5 . A percentage of the profits will be from the beginning of $ 50 to more than $ 7,500 per month, and the profits remain on YouTube and are often combined with Adsense profits each month.


I think this is what I can offer you about the new feature for profit from YouTube, which you will actually earn money from because you are advertising for products in your channel, and this helps in sharing a large number of external products within a platform that contains millions of people. 



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