What is Anstrex?

Anstrex offers a suite of products specifically created for online advertisers and performance marketers. We provide you with data on your competitors' online advertising and marketing campaigns. We have over 15 million ads from 50k+ advertisers spread in 92 countries. Our data analytics tools are second to none. In addition, we have a product for e-commerce and dropship store owners that facilitates everything from product import to inventory management and order fulfilment.


Who Uses Anstrex?

Marketers of all kinds use Anstrex to uncover the secrets of world-class advertisers. Reach out to us with your unique challenge and see if we can help.

Performance Marketers / Affiliates

Affiliates worldwide use native advertising to generate massive traffic and sales. Anstrex will teach you their secrets.

Direct Sales Marketers

Boost your revenue by using techniques perfected by top B2B and B2C direct sales marketers.

Brand Advertisers

Learn how big brands from Dell to Dunkin Donut embrace native advertising.

Content Creators

Build the perfect ad arbitrage and get unlimited ideas for new content.

Easy Integration with Multiple Platforms

See how Anstrex integrates with other useful platforms(SHOPIFY,WOOCOMMERCE;ALIEXPRESS;AWS;DIGITA OCEAN) to improve your productivity.

Our Product Portfolio

We build awesome experiences geared towards our customers' needs. Our products are refined constantly to better serve our users:


Find Out What Works in Push Advertising

Spy on Top Advertisers Currently Dominating Push Notification Ads

  • More Data than Any Other Tool

  • Entire Campaigns at Your Fingertips

  • Visibility Into CPC Bids and History!!

  • Access To Cloaked Pages Made Easy


Unlock the Secrets of Native Advertising

Build Winning Campaigns Today by Spying on Your Competition

  • Get More For Your Advertising Spend

  • Save Countless Hours On Research

  • More Data Than Any Other Spy Tool

    . Rapidly Build Awesome Landing Pages




  • Secrets of Successful Drop-Shippers Revealed

    Build a Money Making Drop-Shipping Business Today

  • Find Hottest Drop-Shipping Products

  • Automate Your Business With Our Chrome Extension

  • Browse Thousands of Retail Stores & Learn Their Secrets

  • Find Hottest Drop-Ship Products on Social Media.

    For more information get access now 


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