Get Your Money Moving With VEEM

 Get Your Money Moving With VEEM

Veem is a global payments network trusted by small businesses around the world. We let businesses pay their vendors, suppliers and contractors anytime, anywhere with our easy-to-use service.

Using our proprietary multi-rail technology, businesses can send or receive money in a click, track their payments end-to-end, and even connect to their favorite accounting software – Quick books, Xero, or Net Suite.

Veem currently serves over 200,000 customers across over 100 countries, and is backed by major players, both in and out of the payment space.

Join our verified network of global businesses and get your money moving.
Whether you’re sending, receiving, or requesting funds, Veem makes payments simple.

Built for your business, it simplifies
global payments.

1-Always lower currency exchange       
rates than banks.

2-Simple one-time setup and then
all payments go with a click.

3-Easily match payments with invoices.

Veem never holds your money.
Money goes straight into your account.

4-Integrates with many popular
accounting systems. Quick Books,
Xero, Net Suite… and more coming.

6-Google funded company

7-Over 90 countries and 100,000
customers trust Veem
Even more reasons to use Veem
Make money when you request to be paid – If you
request businesses to pay you through Veem you earn
Veem Rewards that can be redeemed for cash straight
into your bank account.
Step 1:                                                     
Veem will send you an email
notification asking you to create
an account.
Step 2:
Create an account and enter your
bank information of the account
you’d like to connect.

This is a one-time confirmation.
Once you’re confirmed, your
accounts are connected for good.
Whenever we send you a payment,
you’ll receive an email, and the
money will show up in your account.
It’s that simple.pen for business.
Veem services over 100 countries, but there may be restrictions on the full capabilities of each. Veem currently has the ability to send payments with the following currencies:
  • USD (United States)
  • CAD (Canada)
  • EUR (Europe)
  • GBP (United Kingdom)
  • MXN (Mexico)
  • AUD (Australia)
With Veem, you can take advantage of a customized accounting portal, allowing you to easily manage your clients and their payment process. In order to get started, you first need to create your own Veem Accounting account. To get started, follow the instructions to your right.

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